RPM kotuku -1st Run - Cosmic Glow - | 5 | 5 | 0 | 2 | - Moderately Overstable

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Mid-Range Disc:

kōtuku - The White Heron

As a symbol of things both beautiful and rare, the kōtuku occupied an important place in Māori myth and folklore, and to compare a visitor to a kōtuku was a compliment of the highest order. 

This disc will hold any line you give it, and is often used as a very effective upshot driver. Offering a predictable fade but a long flight with its high glide, this disc holds true every time you throw it. It's a great disc for windy conditions and strategic fading shots.

This disc should beat up to be a reliable straight flyer with time!

Flight Rating Numbers:

Speed 5
Glide 5
Turn 0
Fade 2