RPM Kiwi - Atomic - | 10 | 5 | -2.5 | 1 | - Understable

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Distance Driver:

Kiwi – Formally known as the Taniwha and previous to that the Raptor.

As most people are introduced to New Zealanders as Kiwi’s we see this beginner friendly disc the Kiwi as a great introduction to disc golf as a first high speed driver.

Kiwi or Kiwi’s are flightless birds native to New Zealand but as you know there’s nothing flightless about disc golf discs.

The Kiwi is a good beginner’s disc which stands up quickly with good glide which also makes a good medium speed roller. The beginner level will get maximum distance out of a kiwi and the intermediate to advance player will find it good for rollers, high turn overs that won’t fade and also maximum meter eaters up step hills where footing may be an issue.

Also great for releasing on hyzer to pop up to flat to navigate any tight tunnel shot.

The Kiwi is New Zealand’s most iconic bird and we could not leave this out of our range

Flight Rating Numbers:
Speed 10
Glide 5
Turn -2.5
Fade 1

About Atomic

Atomic is a premium tough grippy opaque plastic that comes in a range of stiffness and with a variety of colours and effects.