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 MVPThe new generation of golf discs with GYRO™ Technology.

This GYRO™ Technology is made possible with a dual-polymer concept that allows the central core to be molded with a different material than the outer rim. This overmold design allows the outer rim to be comprised of a heavier material than the inside central core thereby creating an enhanced gyroscopic effect when spin is imparted on the disc. The gyroscopic effect stabilizes the disc's flight and helps it better maintain its angular momentum to produce straighter, longer, and more accurate results.

This new, innovative GYRO™ Technology is a tremendous leap for revolutionizing the sport of disc golf.
  • Disc colour and stamp design may vary.
    $31.00 $25.95 Choose Options MVP Ion - Proton - 3, 4, 0, 1 - Stable-Straighty
    Putt & Approach Disc The Ion’s beaded rim design makes it a straight to overstable flier. Power putters can use the Ion with confidence. It is capable of holding long powerful lines with a late subtle fade. This...

  • Light colours may vary.
    $7.00 Choose Options MVP Tri-Lite LED Lights (single)
    Flat LED Tri-Lite disc golf lights Three LED lights per one flat light Three setting – Fast blinking lights, slow blinking lights, and constant lights Each light has a run time of 24+ hours. The unit is not...