Discraft Sting - Titanium line - | 7 | 5 | -2 | 1 | - Slightly Understable

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Fairway Driver:

The global Ace Race evaluates a new Discraft prototype each year with the help of 20,000 testers, and last year the players were once again pleased with the results.

The design goal was to create a disc that is easy to control, holds an almost perfect line on all throws, and fits comfortably in most hands. The Sting achieved all of this.

Here's what the disc can do: 

  • Holds an almost perfect line on big throws

  • Even new players can hold an anhyzer line with long glide

  • Rip it for high-speed hyzer flip drives

  • Delivers long flights to reach maximum distances

ESP Plastic is like a snowflake, all colours, blends, and swirls are  unique and no two discs are exactly the same. Your disc colour and swirl  will vary.

Flight Rating Numbers:
Speed 7
Glide 5
Turn -2
Fade 1
This product is warranted against manufacturer's defects in materials and workmanship.