Discmania Rockstar - Active Premium Line - | 8 | 5 | -2 | 1 | - Slightly Understable

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Fairway Driver: 

The Rockstar is a beginner friendly fairway driver for most skill levels.

Designed with the player in mind, this disc allows easy access to begin opening up your game to untapped distance and control. Golfers with more experience and power will find this disc to be moderately under stable and will display more high-speed turn from the flight.

Beginner to intermediate level players are going to enjoy the smooth nature of it’s flight patterns, superb gliding ability, and adaptability to both forehand and backhand throws. Rockstar features a thin rounded nose with gentle wing on the underside of the disc, making for an extremely comfortable fit in your hand. 

The grippy and durable Active Premium plastic offers a long life for this disc.

Good for: Beginner to intermediate level players, forehand/backhand drives, tailwind

Flight Rating Numbers:

Speed 8
Glide 5
Turn -2
Fade 1
This product is warranted against manufacturer's defects in materials and workmanship.