Disc Golf Mini Markers

A marker disc is used to mark every throw and should be a special disc, like a pocket mini disc model that is not used in normal play. The thrown disc is always left on the lie, (where it came to rest,) until the marker disc is placed on the ground directly in front of and touching the disc. The thrown disc is then picked up.

  • Innova Mini Driver

    For mini golf or as a marker, the Innova Mini Driver is in its element. Weighted specifically for mini disc golf, these little wonders fly far in windy conditions. About 42 grams. Mini Drivers are available in a variety of colors.

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  • Innova Star Mini

    A mini marker disc made from durable Star material. This mini flies a long ways thanks to its heavier-than-regular weight. Mini markers are required in PDGA (Professional Disc Golf Association) sanctioned events. Diameter approx. 10cm...

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