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Disc Golf Targets

Disc Golf Baskets/Targets

Helix Permanent Basket:

$565 each (shipping not included)

Heavy Duty Portable Basket:

$565 each (shipping not included)

Estimated shipping cost per basket:

Main centers North Island - $25

Main centers South Island - $60

Targets are made to order.

For detailed information click on the product photos below.

Please contact sales@smallplanetdiscsports.co.nz or call 0210455632 if you wish to order.

  • Basket design may vary.
    Heavy Duty Portable Basket/Target - Kiwi Katcher
    Heavy Duty Portable Basket - Kiwi Catcher Features:  The Heavy Duty Disc Golf Basket – for when you want the solid feel of a permanent basket but with the bonus of being able to relocate with ease. The base has...

  • Basket design may vary.
    Helix Permanent Basket/Target - Kiwi Catcher
    Helix Permanent Basket - Kiwi Catcher: Introducing the Helix Disc Golf Basket, our premium basket with our unique ‘wine-glass’ design. Some would say the most ‘beautiful’ disc golf basket on the...